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Combining leading edge technology and the highest level of expertise. FLORIDA TRAVEL CHANNEL Production Services takes it's rightful place as one of Orlando preferred, state-of-the-art post facilities. Besides the fact that the atmosphere, lay-out and design of the Edit Suite is truly a work of art, combine All the Video Formats into one uncompress video edit suite.                 
       Editing and other post-production elements can often make or break a video program.  It is often where budgets are broken as well.  At Florida Travel Channel broadcast-quality editing and other production services are preformed at some of the best rates in the region.
      Just as important, Florida Travel Channel’s commitment to personal involvement and creative problem solving makes your program our program.  We won't be happy with the finished program until you are.Whether producing content for video, broadcast, CD-ROM, DVD or the web, Florida Travel Channel NLE provides the features and workflow that professionals have come to depend on. Our postproduction combines dual-stream real-time uncompress hardware with powerful NLE software into exceptional integrated solutions with guaranteed real-time performance