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Once Upon a Time.....

  In 1974, Paul Parker, Tim and Michael Franklin were performing in a jazz trio in the Chicago area. They were regularly doing session work at Michael's recording studio in Northern Indiana, where they did jingle work and backed singers for demos. On one occasion they were asked to do a demo for Danny & the Juniors. This session was a remake of The Chords original version of "Shaboom". The trio of Mike, Tim and Paul, along with saxophonist Berry Sperti, and session guitarist Bill Boris were to become Rockin Robin.

 With praises from Danny & the Juniors about the session, other oldies groups wanted the bands talents. The Drifters, Lou Christie, The Coasters, and others soon were recording with Rockin Robin.It was at about the same time Oldies Shows were starting to pop up all over the country. Commercials, Movies and remakes of old songs were all over the media.

In 1978 Chicago promoter, Henry Farag, who also had a well-known accapella group, used the band to backup his nostalgia show at The Mill Run Theater. Thier first show they appeared with The Coasters, Bo Diddley,Troy Shondell, and The Diamonds. The show was a big success.From the very first concert, the headliners were overwhelmed with the authenticity, attitude and the extra effort from the group. It wasn't long, before Rockin Robin would become the first choice backup band in the country, regularly working on the biggest "Oldies Shows" in the country.

In 1981, Dick Clark would stage the years biggest Oldies show. "Chicagofest", Main Stage, would have 85,000 people be in attendance. They were the first rock band to play the" Grand Ole Opry" in Nashville. 1982 they performed for the first pay-per-view worldwide telecast, "Fabian's Goodtime Rock & Roll" in Baton Rougr ,LA, broadcast to 7 countries, with 80,000 in attendance. 1986 The trio along with guitarist Bill Boris were asked to be the house band at the famous "Little Darlin's". A one of a kind night club with music of thr 50's and 60's. During those years the band perfromed with a impressive list of over 300 artists.

1988 Rockin Robin is now the band on" Rock and Roll Palace " (TNN) The new Rock and Roll show every saturday night on the Nashville Network. Wolfman Jack was the host and Rockin Robin performs with two classic acts every show.

The following years they would tape, "Live from Little Darlin's for (CBS) and "Wolfman Jacks Classic Rock on TNN.

1990 tour of England, 1991 performing with Wolfman in Mexico,1990 Venezula and 1991 Argentina,1992 tour of Denmark and Germany with Melanie, 4 tours of Japan 1993, 1994, 1995 and 1996. Perfromances with Tommy Roe in Germany.25th Woodstock tour in Europe. 30th Anniversary of Woodstock at Woodstock with Melanie.

1998 The Royal Albert Hall, London England.

1998 with the addition of a horn section, percussionist and female singer Rockin Robin became "Evolution" The Hard Rock Live Band. From 1998 until 2002 the group backed artist from the 60's ,70's and 80's in concert and TV shows eminating from "Hard Rock Live", the flageship of the Hard Rock Venues.Rockin Robin and Evolution still perfrom selected concerts worldwide

Today, Paul Parker lives in Orlando and is one of the first call drummers for studio, shows and big band concerts. He also pursues his passion for teaching and is a respected instructor. He perfroms with Rockin Robin/ Evolution through out the year. He can also be seen with Michael Andrews and Swinger Head perfroming worldwide.

Tim Franklin also lives in Orlando, he is busy dividing his time between performing hundreds of shows yearly, studio work and new fatherhood.

For the last 6 years Michael spends most of his time in China, where he lives and has several projects. He heads Dream Team Entertainment, a company promoting Concerts though out China, and American International Carnival, a touring amusement park. He continues to produce. Most recently jazz artist Avo Uvesian, New comer Kristie DeLuca,"Gary Puckett's Greatest Hits" and Gloria Gaynor's most recent CD.